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With WOCOM Limited Cloud PBX Solutions, you get all the phone features your business needs with low upfront costs and no hardware or software to maintain.

A phone service hosted in the cloud, offering all the capabilities of a modern business phone system.

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A local 876 telephone number that enables calls to be forwarded to any device.

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An adaptable 876 SIP trunk that delivers your phone service via an internet connection.

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A cloud-based contact center solution that includes a local SIP trunk and work at home capabilities.

A phone service hosted on the internet, offering seamless communication.

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A digital telephone line that enables calls to be forwarded to any device.

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An adaptable session initiation protocol trunk that connects your phone to the internet

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An adaptable session initiation protocol trunk that connects your phone to the internet


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We provide educational institutions and school districts with a streamlined communication tool.


Cost-effective cloud-based solutions in Jamaica, tailored specifically for small retail businesses.


Comprehensive cloud-based phone system that caters to businesses, regardless of size.


In the healthcare sector, communication is essential for smooth operations. We provide the solutions

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Welcome to WOCOM Ltd., where seamless communication meets personalized solutions. Choose from our range of packages designed to cater to your unique business needs. Whether you’re a startup, a growing enterprise, or an established corporation, we have a package crafted just for you.

Cloud PBX Starter


Month + GCT

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Cloud PBX Advanced


Month + GCT

What's Included?

Enterprise Plan

What's Included?

All the value of the Advanced plan included

WOCOM Flexible SIP Trunk Service

Harness the power of WOCOM’s Voice-over-IP (VoIP) network with IP Trunk to give your organization cost-effective, flexible communications.

Cloud PBX Starter

What's Included?

What is Flexible SiP Trunk?

SIP Trunking

Wocom Flexible SIP Trunk replaces expensive, inflexible phone company lines. You select how many SIP Trunks you need for each office location (minimum of two), how many local and toll-free numbers you need, and any optional services you wish to add. Many of the optional services can be customized for your specific business need such as business continuity or for each employee’s specific working situation (working in the field, working from home, etc.)

  • With SIP trunks, voice calls are routed over the Internet, lowering costs & adding flexibility
  • When a business needs more capacity, they can purchase only the trunks they need
  • Order to the delivery timeframe is minimal, and NO technician is required onsite after the initial install
  • Moves, adds & changes are immediate via the online management portal
  • If there is an outage, WOCOM’s network automatically reroutes calls to a predetermined failover location or phone number
  • Maintain fast call rerouting and disaster recovery.
  • Add sites, change capacity and track usage from any device.
  • Business Continuity
  • Includes unlimited calling to USA and Canada
  • Competitive local rates
  • Connect to Ethernet LANs and legacy telephone equipment
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Failover protection
  • Ability to scale rapidly

WOCOM Virtual Numbers

A digital telephone line that enables calls to be forwarded to any device, providing a professional image and flexibility in communication.

Virtual Phone Numbers


Month + GCT

What's Included?

What is a virtual 876 phone number?

You now have the option to acquire virtual business phone numbers through WOCOM, a technology that enables you to make phone calls using your data or Wi-Fi, essentially any internet connection. These virtual numbers can be used for both making and receiving calls.

From the caller’s perspective, there’s no discernible distinction – dialling a virtual number feels just like calling a standard telephone number. These virtual phone numbers can also be configured on your office desk phone or mobile device, offering exceptional flexibility, particularly for employees, such as salespeople, who require the ability to conduct numerous business calls from their mobile phones while on the move.

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