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This is where we address common inquiries about our Cloud PBX and VoIP solutions. Whether you’re curious about the features, implementation process, or pricing, we’ve got you covered. Explore the FAQs below for quick insights into how WOCOM can revolutionize communication for your business.

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We’ve got you covered. Explore the FAQs below for quick insights into how WOCOM can revolutionize communication for your business.

Certainly! You have the flexibility to retain your current mobile and landline numbers when transitioning to our Cloud PBX System.

Whether you choose to port your local or international phone number to WOCOM or prefer to use the call forwarding feature, you can seamlessly divert calls to your cloud phone system.

WOCOM provides 99.9999% up time and offers downtime credits. WOCOM is not responsible for incidents beyond its control, such as failure in the customer’s LAN or customer’s ISP. WOCOM Hosted PBX is a redundant, carrier-grade system offering the same or better reliability as your traditional phone company.

We do not require that you buy dedicated internet service. We guarantee high voice quality over third party internet service providers (ISP) with proper pre-installation and testing. We support Cable, DSL, Fiber, 4G and any other high speed fiber connection. Our service also operates via fixed wireless internet or satellite internet such as Star Link.

Yes. By installing and activating our mobile app on your device. This acts as an extension of your office which allows you to dial an extension number to reach the office or any other user extension. The employee’s name and extension is included in the auto-attendant dial by name directory. The cell phone user can also transfer calls between each other. If the user has a VoIP desk phone, the calls can ring at both the cell phone and the desk phone simultaneously

Using the highest speech quality codec, G711, we allot about 80KBPS for each concurrent phone conversation. Therefore, if you require six simultaneous phone calls, you will require about 480KBPS (80X6). With a normal down speed of 1.5MBPS and an up speed of 768KBPS, a stable Cable or DSL connection can easily support six calls. Due to the two-way nature of phone calls, the slower uplink speed (i.e., 768KBPS) is what ultimately determines performance. In the event of bandwidth restrictions, we can switch to G729 compression and use only 30KBPS each call.

Yes, you can obtain a real-time view of your calls through our online portal. Our system allows you to track calls in real-time, run detailed reports on both incoming and outgoing calls. Additionally, you have the flexibility to filter call reports by user, date, time, and month of the year for a comprehensive analysis.

Certainly! You have the choice to utilize our mobile or desktop application, compatible with both MAC and PC, for making and receiving calls.

Each device is assigned a 4-digit extension, mirroring your office desktop phones, allowing your staff to easily contact you and seamlessly transfer calls.

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Yes. Voicemail messages can be retrieved from your phone or by calling a voicemail number, voicemail messages are also delivered to your email at no extra cost as.WAV audio file attachments. You can play the message through your computer speakers by clicking the attached audio file.

Yes, you can upload any recorded greeting or music on hold. You can transfer any audio files you have from your previous PBX. During the installation, WOCOM will free of charge record your personalised auto-attendant greeting and install a generic, royalty-free music-on-hold.

In an emergency, our VoIP solution can be implemented within 8 to 24 hours. The average installation, however, takes around three days including installation and training of staff members.

In order to mix and match WOCOM hosted phone system with your traditional PBX, we may add VoIP SIP trunks to your current PBX. This sometimes occurs when a business owns a perfectly operating PBX at their headquarters but has expanded to outlying locations and remote employees.

Phones will be delivered to the outlying locations. This enables extension calling between WOCOM hosted phone system and traditional PBXs and unifies all extensions under a single hosted auto-attendant.

If you wish to utilize a device acquired online or from your previous provider, it is essential that your phone is unlocked and equipped with a valid, factory-installed device certificate. WOCOM remote assistance is available to assist in configuring your phone either manually or through WOCOM auto- provisioning..

WOCOM simplifies the process of accessing a modern phone system by eliminating the hassle. Our Cloud PBX distinguishes itself with advanced features, scalability, and tailored solutions for various industries. We prioritize innovation to guarantee that your business stays equipped with the newest communication technologies.

WOCOM provides a comprehensive range of services, including Cloud PBX, VoIP solutions, and SIP trunk service, tailored to suit businesses of every size. Our flexible plans are cost-effective and can be easily scaled to accommodate the specific requirements of small businesses.

WOCOM provides comprehensive support during the implementation phase, including training for your team. Our experts ensure a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

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