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Unleash the power of seamless communication with our Cloud Hosted Voice Services. We’ve got your every voice need covered!

A phone service hosted in the Cloud, offering seamless communication and all the modern features of a multi-million-dollar phone system. Choose from our wide range of physical handsets for your office and mobile extensions for employees’ always on the go.

A digital telephone line that enables calls to be forwarded to any device. You now have the option to acquire virtual business phone numbers through WOCOM, a technology that enables you to make phone calls using your data or Wi-Fi, essentially any internet connection. These virtual numbers can be used for both making and receiving calls.

An adaptable session initiation protocol (SIP) trunk that connects your existing PBX System to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). WOCOM Flexible SIP Trunk replaces expensive, inflexible telephone lines and T1 services. You select how many SIP channels you need for each office location (minimum of four), how many local and toll-free numbers you need, and any optional services you wish to add. 

Explore WOCOM Cloud contact center software at no cost for a 14-day trial. Witness firsthand how this cloud-based contact center solution simplifies the process for individuals to connect with your business at their convenience and through their preferred communication channel.

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