Virtual Phone Numbers

What is a virtual 876 phone number?

You now have the option to acquire virtual business phone numbers through WOCOM, a technology that enables you to make phone calls using your data or Wi-Fi, essentially any internet connection. These virtual numbers can be used for both making and receiving calls.

From the caller’s perspective, there’s no discernible distinction – dialling a virtual number feels just like calling a standard telephone number. These virtual phone numbers can also be configured on your office desk phone or mobile device, offering exceptional flexibility, particularly for employees, such as salespeople, who require the ability to conduct numerous business calls from their mobile phones while on the move.


What Is Included

  1. 876 DID features
  2. Easy Activation
  3. Forward to USA & Canada Numbers
  4. SIP integration to your PBX System
  5. SIP Integration to your mobile app
  6. 2 Channels included
  7. Inbound Caller ID